Status of Projects at The Valley Isle Resort

Updated February 16, 2020

Health Club Fire Recovery
Planning for the rebuild of the porte cochere, the lobby, the walkway to the high-rise and the separate building housing the health club which were destroyed in a fire, has been completed. Due to the proximity to the ocean, that process working with Maui County has been complex and time consuming.

The project was finally put out to bid in 2019, a general contractor was selected, and a construction contract was agreed to and signed. The permits from Maui County were approved in early 2020, however with the delays in the permitting process, the contracts with the sub-contractors now need to be renegotiated before construction can begin.

At this time the Board of Directors is hoping for the construction to begin in spring 2020, and if that occurs, construction should be completed by early 2021. The next check point will be the Board of Directors meeting in early May 2020, and an update to this page will be done following that meeting.

Shoreline Erosion
Since the winter of 2015-2016 Hawaii has experienced record high surf conditions mostly during winter months, and as a result the Resort experienced severe shoreline erosion, as did many beaches on Maui and throughout all of Hawaii. Large sand bags have been placed on the beaches of the resorts on Kahana Bay to protect the shoreline and adjacent buildings.

For much of the year the sand returns and covers all but the top layers of the sandbags, allowing for a walk on the beach, beach activites or just relaxing with a good book. However, winter currents, storms and high surf can take away the sand leaving little or no beach in front of the building at times. (However, the beach just to our south at the Sands of Kahana is better protected and can still be accessed and enjoyed by our guests.)

Following are live pictures of the current beach at the resort. These pictures are refreshed every 5 minutes.

Valley Isle Beach and south to Sands of Kahana

In front of the Valley Isle Resort

Below are also pictures that show the status of the sandbagged shoreline at varying times of the year with a beautiful wide beach and also what you may expect during the winter months or stormier times during the year.

We are currently working with the other resorts along Kahana Bay, Maui County and the state of Hawaii to arrive at a long-term solution that will both protect our buildings and also replenish and preserve our beach so that we will again have a year-around sand beach.

Taken 02-07-18

Taken 8-01-18

Taken 5-21-19: South End of Beach

Taken 09-01-19: Looking North