Add or Update Your Condo

Aloha, owners! Thank you for listing your condo. This website is built and maintained by Justin and Katie Busa, the owners of 108. Our goal is to make it easier for guests to find condos, learn about Valley Isle Resort, and plan their trip. Below, you will find instructions for adding or updating your condo listing.

Get in Touch

To add or update your condo listing, email us at with all relevant information as outlined below. Please be sure to review this entire page before getting in touch.

What We Need

We need the following information to list your condo on this website…

  • Your unit number
  • Contact name, phone (optional), and email (optional)
  • Description of your unit
  • One or more photos
  • Booking link where your condo can be booked
  • Calendar link in the iCalendar format (optional)


Please send high-quality photos to showcase your condo in the best possible light for potential guests. That includes good lighting, composition, and resolution. High-quality photos can significantly affect how your property is perceived and increase the likelihood of bookings.

If you’re interested in hiring someone to take professional photos of your condo, we recommend David Lower from We’ve used him in the past, and his prices are reasonable.

If you would like your condo to show as available or unavailable when guests enter their dates, we need a link to your condo’s calendar in the iCalendar format. If you do not provide a calendar link, guests will be shown a message to contact you for availability.

We still support the old Valley Isle Resort availability calendar that you must manually update. If you use that, no action is required on your part. However, if you no longer want to update that calendar, you can replace it with one of the platforms below to automatically sync your availability with this site.

Login to Airbnb and follow these instructions to obtain your iCalendar link.

Login to VRBO and follow these instructions to obtain your iCalendar link.

Other Platforms

If your platform provides a link to your calendar in the iCalendar format, it can be synced with this site. If you’re unsure, send them a message asking if you can obtain an iCalendar link.